Classes and Ensembles

All classes and ensembles are offered virtually, with the exception of the Preschool Class Piano (4 student limit) option. The utmost care in sanitizing and distancing will take place before, during and after each in-person class. Required texts will be student’s responsibility, supplementary material will be provided by the instructor. All Classes and Ensembles begin the first week of September, 2020.

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Beginning Teen/Adult Class Piano (ages 13 and older)

Requirement: Students MUST have full-sized keyboard/piano at home. Class text: Faber Adult Piano Adventures ISBN 161677302. This class is offered virtually to adult beginners in piano. Basic music reading skills, hand-eye coordination, music theory, and technique is applied at each class. Practice time suggestion: 30 minutes every day on materials assigned. 8 Week Session; Tuesdays 6:45-7:15pm; Tuition is $80 + $35 yearly registration fee

Beginning Preschool Class Piano (ages 4-5)

Requirement: Students MUST have a full-sized keyboard/piano at home. To ensure learning success, this class is offered in-person only, no online option. Enrollment is limited to 4 students per class. This class is geared toward introducing the fundamentals of music study to children ages 4-5. Games, ensemble playing, activities and piano-centric learning will prepare families for study in *almost* ANY instrument. Perfect for families who are not ready to commit to private lessons and want to “try it out” first! 8 Week sessions; Thursdays 10am-10:45am or Saturdays 11am-11:45am; Tuition is $100+ $35 yearly registration fee

Functional Keyboard Skills “Funky Piano”

Requirement: Students MUST have a full-sized keyboard/piano at home. Class text: .pdf files will be sent as weekly assignments and will be the student’s responsibility to print. (No more than 5 pages weekly). Explore the connection between music theory and application through piano study. Western traditional chord and pop symbols, harmonization, improvisation, transposition and skill sets, such as scales and chord progressions, will be utilized throughout the course as each student gains proficiency. *Jazz genre will be included, but it is not a strictly Jazz course. 10 Week sessions; Tuesdays at 7:30pm-8:15pm or Thursdays at 1pm-1:45pm; $150 + $35 yearly registration fee

Virtual Music Ensemble (VME)

Must be able to read music. All musicians can benefit from ensemble study. No matter the instrument, selections from Avant Garde, Classical and Popular repertoire can enhance a musician’s creativity and interest. Includes Virtual Performance opportunities. 8 Week sessions; Saturdays 9:00am-10:30am. Tuition is $100 + $35 yearly registration fee

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