Studio Policy

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Private Lessons: Students may choose 30, 45 or full hour weekly lessons at the instructors discretion. An academic year of study includes 34 weeks of lessons and performances classes, from mid-August through mid-May. Students are encouraged to arrive promptly for lessons and classes. Teaching sessions will not extend past the usual ending time to compensate for late arrivals.

Attendance: No make-up lessons or classes will be given to compensate for a student’s absence and no refund of fees will be made. A video instruction of materials and concepts covered is sent to the contact parent in lieu of the lesson or class. It is the responsibility of the student to practice and ask questions before the next lesson or class.

Withdrawing: Students who need to withdraw permanently from lessons or classes are obligated to pay tuition for 2 lessons following notification to the instructor. This allows for borrowed books to be returned and the scheduled time to be filled from the waiting list.

Performances: Students enrolled in private lessons may participate in recitals and auditions offered by organizations such as the St. Joseph Music Teachers Association and other professional organizations. These are in addition to the performances opportunities offered by Rautmann Studio of Music. They require extra preparation from the student and often require an entry fee. The instructor will make these opportunities available to students as appropriate. Participation in recitals is at the discretion of the instructor.

Payments: Tuition for private study may be paid in full upon enrollment or in monthly installments at no additional charge. August installment is due upon the first lesson, while each installment after is due by the 15th of the month. Tuition checks can be made out to Rautmann Studio of Music, autochecks through your bank or pay by Venmo. See the Payments page for the payment schedule.